Swindon HomeBirthers is a group for anyone in Swindon (or the surrounding area) who is interested in home birth, whether you have had a home birth, are hoping to have one or are just considering having one.

Although I consider myself a home birth advocate, I do not believe every woman should give birth at home any more than I believe every woman should give birth in hospital. What I do believe is that every woman should be able to make an informed decision about where to give birth and be supported in that decision. Unfortunately the choice to give birth at home, rather than in hospital, is generally met with less support and understanding not only by family and friends but also medical professionals. I set up this group in order that women and their partners could discuss the issues surrounding home birth in a supportive environment.


Meetings are held at 7:30pm, on the second Thursday of every month, in members' homes. Birth partners and babes-in-arms are more than welcome.

Birthpool Hire

Swindon HomeBirthers have both mini and regular 'Birth Pool In A Box' pools available for hire. The cost of hire is £25 (although we will also require a refundable deposit of £50) which includes the hire of a pump for inflating the pool and a pump for emptying it. Pool hire is for up to 8 weeks. For hygiene reasons, hirers will need to supply their own pool liner. Anyone hiring a pool will be eligible for a 10% discount at the 'Birth Pool In A Box' store where liners, and other birth pool supplies, may be purchased.

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